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Video: Warpaint, “Warpaint”

July 07, 2011

For Warpaint’s new video for "Warpaint," director Ted Newsome created an aqueous alter reality, where the band members are transformed from their drabby day-to-day selves into mer-maidens who take tea in the ocean. We imagine this required as much lung capacity on the part of the band as it did artistic vision from Newsome, who chose a public pool in Echo Park, LA as the filming site. According to the band:

We've always had the idea to do a video underwater, and were excited when our friend Ted Newsome sent us a treatment, which involved just that. It was an opportunity to create a fantastical world where oxygen, time and style were simply not an issue. Turned out to be far more challenging than we had initially expected, but we pulled through.

Posted: July 07, 2011
Video: Warpaint, “Warpaint”