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Elite Gymnastics Ruin 1 + Ruin 2 EPs

July 11, 2011

Elite Gymnastics is spoiling us with not one, but two free EPs. Well, technically, you could say that Ruin 2 is just a reinterpretation of its predecessor (minus the extra "So Close to Paradise"), but the tracks are so dramatically different that they've got an almost Superman/Clark Kent kind of vibe. Ruin 1 being the being the bold and fearless, and Ruin 2 being much slower than a speeding bullet. Which isn't to say one is better than the other. We've all got alter-egos to nourish. Download both here, and preview the two faces of "Here, In Heaven," below.

Download: Elite Gymnastics, "Here, in Heaven" (Ruin 1)

Download: Elite Gymnastics, "Here, In Heaven 2" (Ruin 2)

Elite Gymnastics Ruin 1 + Ruin 2 EPs