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Stream: Baio’s (Vampire Weekend) Field Day & Underage Mix

July 22, 2011

Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio is setting out this summer for a few festival DJ gigs, with August sets at Australia's tenth Field Day and London's Underage, and he's released a great, disco-centric promo mix to celebrate. It's light and nostalgic, deftly working in a new elite of forward-thinking, retro-sound-preserving artists like 6th Borough Project, Pional and In Flagranti. Baio's mixing is wisely conservative, making great use of a handful of existing remixes, like John Talabot's dreamy take on Teengirl Fantasy's "Cheaters," which pairs Talabot's beat refix with in-key, pitched-down Love Committee "Cheaters Never Win" vocals. In a way, Talabot did the heavy lifting, but Baio's impressive track selection and his own musician's ear let him roll the track in and out like it's child's play.

Stream: Baio (Vampire Weekend), "Field Day & Underage Mix"

1. Sonny Okosun - Highlife [Dance Version]
2. Beatconducter - I Can't Go For That
3. Prins Thomas - Ny Maskin
4. Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters [John Talabot Classic Vocal Refix]
5. Space Ranger - Music!
6. Slow Hands - Belle of the Ball
7. Eddie C - Deepa
8. 6th Borough Project - Sometimes the Fool
9. Pional - We Have Been Waiting for You
10. Sombrero Galaxy - Journey to the Centre of the Sun [Stallions Remix]
11. Benoit & Sergio - Day Residue
12. Hot Natured- B4 the Bentley
13. Ill Blu - Meltdown
14. In Flagranti - Hollow Discourse
15. Cole Medina - The Truth Policy

Stream: Baio’s (Vampire Weekend) Field Day & Underage Mix