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CFCF and Physical Therapy Make Night Music

Photographer Kitra Cahana
August 02, 2011

We're constantly looking for songs that fit into our vaguely defined, mostly unrealistic mental concept of "late night sitting around and sweating music." This could be anything, but most of the time it's not dance music. CFCF just changed all that with "Cometrue" and then Physical Therapy changed it even more with his remix of the track, which adds animal noises and basketball court shoe squeaks that sound like they're echoing off surrounding buildings. If sitting around and sweating while listening to these songs isn't your vibe, then you're in luck, because CFCF, along with Physical Therapy and Mr. Uno are celebrating the release of the record that features both these songs, tomorrow, August 3rd in the basement of 159 E Houston. You can move and sweat instead of just sitting there. Options! As an added bonus, sign up for the UNO Records newsletter at the site for a chance to win a record. Admission is free! See you there.

Stream: CFCF, "Cometrue"

Download: CFCF, "Cometrue" (Physical Therapy Deep Forest Remix)

CFCF and Physical Therapy Make Night Music