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Stream: Halls and Sun Glitters’ Split EP

August 24, 2011

Today, Halls and Sun Glitters released a trans-European four track split EP, each contributing one original song and a remix of the other's work, available with unique cover art via both producers' Bandcamps (here and here). The Halls tracks sound like Halls tracks, the Sun Glitters like Sun Glitters—neither man ever loses himself. But in their remixes, when Halls sends Sun Glitters' drone-ward or when Sun Glitters chain-dragging percussion rattles Halls from near slumber, the meshing of their waveforms takes the two to subtly new places.

Download: Sun Glitters, "Too Much To Lose (Halls Remix)"

Download: Halls, "Chakra Drums (Sun Glitters Remix)"

Stream: Halls and Sun Glitters’ Split EP