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Carter IV Leaks, Lil Wayne Addresses Jay-Z Diss

August 25, 2011

Not surprising that the adorable tat-faced mini Wayne who covers the recently leaked Tha Carter IV, stands as a harbinger of torment. Kids are the meanest. Together with fellow bullies Drake and Jadakiss on "Its Good," Lil Wayne takes on the reigning king of the playground, Shawn Carter, who's maybe got a little too fuckin comfy. Talking about that Baby money, I got your baby Money/ Kidnap your bitch, keep that how much you love your lady money. Wonder if it'll end in tears, or more verbal punches. We know for sure, though, Wayne's not gonna say he's sorry.

I know there won’t be any repercussions behind what I did,” says a confident Wayne when asked if he had second thoughts about recording his acidic verse for ‘It's Good.’ “I know for a fact music is about perception. You can’t do anything but perceive what you hear. I know that for a fact. So I can’t ever be upset about someone’s reaction.

Download: Lil Wayne f. Drake & Jadakiss, "It's Good"

Carter IV Leaks, Lil Wayne Addresses Jay-Z Diss