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G-Side f. G-Mane, “Relaxin” MP3

August 25, 2011

UPDATE: It appears to have slipped our minds that this song is actually not a "new" NPR premiere, and made the internet rounds awhile back. I even wrote about the song! My bad. I listen to a lot of music in a day. This is actually a never officially released track from the One...Cohesive sessions that is seeing "official" release today.
-Sam Hockley-Smith

It's indicative of their relationship with the internet that G-Side premiered the first song from their next record on NPR, by no means a bad place to release music, but also not exactly the first place we'd think of to go hear HOT NEW RAP. But here it is! Huntsville’s own are carving out their own highly specific space in music, rapping comfortably about the internet because that's the place where they hit their personal milestones. Still, it's hard not to look at their career as a mirror of Outkast’s transition from staring at ceiling fans to modern purveyors of velvet-robed relaxation funk. If you want to get nerdy about it, G-Side are probably hitting their Stankonia period. Or not! Their music is their own. This is just a complicated way of saying that this song feels like the most grown G-Side song yet.

Download: G-Side f. G-Mane, "Relaxin"

G-Side f. G-Mane, “Relaxin” MP3