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Z-Ro, “Never Had Love” MP3

August 29, 2011

Z-Ro will release Meth, the fourth album in his four-years-running hard drugs series (following Crack, Cocaine and Heroin) on September 20th. Two of its tracks, scrubbed of curses, were released over the weekend. On "Never Had Love," Ro sings from the back of his throat on a chunky guitar beat. For a bridge, he twists the Diana Ross-sampling "Mo Money Mo Problems" chorus, saying, Y'all already know what they want from me simply to see me b-r-o-k-e and d-e-a-d. He's not calling-a-girl-from-the-club lonely, or worried-we-won't-stay-friends anguished. He's knocked down much deeper, and trilling about it plain: Feelin like the world don't need me homie/ Seem like my none of my daughters hardly see me homie. In type, Ro's aim is blunt, but better to click play and bear full witness to the truth in his timbre. Bonus goodie "Southern Girls" is on the other end of the emotional spectrum, where everything in the kitchen tastes great.

Download: Z-Ro, "Never Had Love"

Download: Z-Ro f. Yo Gotti, "Southern Girls"

Z-Ro, “Never Had Love” MP3