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Mood Rings, “Promise Me Eternity” MP3

September 07, 2011

It's hard coming up with words to describe Mood Rings' "Promise Me Eternity" not synonymous with wistful. They exist, and it's best to bypass the cliché, but there's something super 'vague or regretful longing' built deep into the chord progression. Or embedded in the flanged jangle of the intro guitars, the way the drums bound in like old friends alongside the bass or the way a minute in reverb melts everything nonessential away—a core posture to the song that, even if you sort of squint your ears and ignore the words, evokes precisely the feeling of stomaching your fears and promising someone eternity, or at least sweating the basement couch and mulling the idea over. A new Mood Rings' 7-inch comes out on Double Phantom September 13th.

Download: Mood Rings, "Promise Me Eternity"

Posted: September 07, 2011
Mood Rings, “Promise Me Eternity” MP3