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Sorcerer’s Mega Mix 2011 MP3

October 20, 2011

Dan Judd bka Sorcerer (and as the yin to Hatchback’s yang in Windsurf) delivers an hour's worth of blissed out sounds with his Mega Mix 2011. So if your early morning commute was as gnarly as ours (on multiple trains), get ready to sail (cruise, surf?) into this New Agey cloud of annual retrospection (kindly mixed by Beat Broker). It's easy, easy listening.

Download: Sorcerer's Mega Mix 2011

Future Research
Taxi Stop
It's Been An Hour
R&B Killa
Universal Vision
Straight Jacking
Jump Rope
Step Pyramid
The Attic Dub
Mist Memory
Cashmere (tweaked mix)
Lip Beams

Sorcerer’s Mega Mix 2011 MP3