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Video: Patten, “Plurals”


October 27, 2011

This video, in conjunction with Patten’s music, makes me feel many things at once. Firstly, I feel like maybe something is wrong with my computer, and the spinning wheel of doom will materialize to let me know that all is not well inside my MacBook Pro. I'll cleanup my desktop in the hopes of alleviating any stress. But then I'll remember that this is Patten, and that "Plural" is just one track of many on GLAQJO XAACSSO that probably made me feel the exact same way. I'll then relax, and feel like I should be stoned at a museum, watching a horse galloping across an open field to music that sounds more like a stumbling trot.

Posted: October 27, 2011
Video: Patten, “Plurals”