Video: Lil B, “Beat the Odds” + Keyboard Kid’s #BASEDINTHERAIN666 EP

October 28, 2011

Both sides of the based coin revealed themselves last night. Lil B uploaded his angelic, 6 Kiss-era "most touching video 2011" for "Beat the Odds," and his longtime producer Keyboard Kid released #BASEDINTHERAIN666, a project he tagged on Bandcamp "devil music emo evil halloween hip-hop." This caps off a prolific month for the two: in October alone Lil B released a 14-track mixtape and 10 music videos, and Keyboard Kid dropped two EPs. Last night was a particularly good glimpse at Lil B's legacy, though, judging by the descriptions these two posted below their work. A big effect of Lil B in the world has been to normalize displays of taboo emotions among young, rap-interested males. Leading by example, he affirms the right to express yourself unreservedly in the face of judgement. You can cry because you're happy or cry because your sad. It's okay.

From Lil B:

From Keyboard Kid:

It has been two years since Lil B and Keyboard Kid first collaborated. Even when their work only overlaps in spirit—Trey G produced "Beat the Odds" and Keyboard Kid's EP is strictly instrumental—that spirit's as strong as ever.

Download: Keyboard Kid's #BASEDINTHERAIN666 EP

Video: Lil B, “Beat the Odds” + Keyboard Kid’s #BASEDINTHERAIN666 EP