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Download DJ MikeQ’s 90-Minute Ball Mix

November 02, 2011

New Jersey's DJ MikeQ's birthday is tomorrow. To celebrate, he's taking the day off, but he'll return to working vogue balls in New Jersey and Baltimore over the weekend. After that, he's going to Japan. His 90-minute Mixpak FM mix is suited for that whirlwind schedule. A barrage of flips, turns and pauses and classics, ("Deep Inside" comes 26 minutes in) it's a pregame stretch for your mind or nice accompaniment for actual stretching. Outside the exercise room or the ball, though, where can you enjoy this hair-whip, catwalk bass? Mike Q confesses he usually listens to "R&B, slow jams, even smooth jazz. I only listen to beats and house if I'm out on the street walking with my iPod, in the club playing it myself or creating it." View the mix tracklist below.

Download: DJ Mike Q, Mixpak FM 024 (via Mixpak)

DJ MikeQ's Mixpak FM Mix Tracklist:
The Soul Shaker
Audio Ball Ha
Walk For Me
Back It Up
Back It Up 2011
Bounce Like Me
Get Back
That Bitch Right Thurr
Super Hair Ha
Gurk That Shit
Let It All Out 2012
Vogue Bitch
Moment 4 Life
Stalker Ha
Deep Inside
Ha Dub Rewerkd Rmx
The HA Dub Rewerkd
Ice ICe Bay (Dance)
My Bad (MikeQ Ballroom Rmx)
Baby Got Back
Baby Got Back 2
I Whip My Ha (ReEdit)
Left, Right
Hot In Here
Count Da Pussy
The Master Blaster
Dig Where Im Comin From
No Habla Ingles (Americano)
We No Speak Americano Ballroom Mix
Slangin Dis Dick/PussyDrive U Crazy
The Pump
Bring It To The Wall
Cunty Rendezvous
Get Da Patty Cake Goin 2
Mizrahi Ha
Sexy Walk
The End
You Just Cant Take It
Liberation Front (MikeQ Remix)
Drummers Pump
Push It
10,000 Screaming Faggots
The Elite Blast
Guernica - Saxo
Lift U Up
Done (MikeQ Remix)
She Will

Download DJ MikeQ’s 90-Minute Ball Mix