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Duran Duran Reminds Us Who The Real Supermodels Are

November 10, 2011

Dudes (and I mean this genderlessly), Duran Duran may be nursing their prolific 30-year career, but they are totally playing to our weaknesses with this new video for "Girl Panic." Naomi, Eva, Helena, Cindy! All in a fictional band based on Duran Duran. Guys! (again, sexlessly), these women are in their 50s! Why don't they make supermodels like this anymore? They must exist, right? I mean, we have access to better nutrition, we live it possible that our species is devolving? Whatever the case, super happy Duran Duran is dipping into the George Michael canon here, and featuring the girls with gams and butts and faces for the ages. This song is not great, but I'll happily watch the visuals while I listen to "The Chauffeur."

And, just for kicks:

Posted: November 10, 2011
Duran Duran Reminds Us Who The Real Supermodels Are