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Sun Araw’s Dummy Mag Mix MP3

November 10, 2011

Sun Araw is a transporter, we've said it before. Maybe he should open a travel agency: Sun Araw's Guided Tours of Music and the Islands. The beginning of his mix for Dummy Mag is littered with helicopter and airplane rumbles, like the jitters you'd get before boarding a rickety plane. Imagine: You're rocking your fanny pack, some variation on cargo shorts and an EMS sun hat. Ominous synths come in and it seems like the shoddy plane is going to go all Lost on you. Then there's instant comfort as Sun Araw introduces a reggae cover of "I Second That Emotion," letting its say-yes-to-love smiles do their thing for three minutes. At the end, Araw's the best flight attendant, nursing hangovers with the sound of blowing bubbles in a glass of water.

Download: Sun Araw's Dummy Mag Mix

Posted: November 10, 2011
Sun Araw’s Dummy Mag Mix MP3