What I’m Thankful For: Bleached

November 23, 2011

Every year, Americans gather for Thanksgiving, the great, cozy pause before November's end. To celebrate its sweetness, we caught up with five of our favorite FADER family members and asked them what they’re giving thanks for this holiday. For this installment, LA sisters and two parts of the LA-based band Bleached, Jennifer and Jessie Clavin, give thanks.

JENNIFER: I’m just thankful that I have a sister that I can play music with, and that we can be in a band together, and understand each other and write music that we like. We are just, like, on the same page with a lot of stuff. If someone’s being stressful, we can just look at each other and roll our eyes or something.

JESSIE: Definitely going to family events like Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t want to go without Jen, it was an either we go together or I’m not going kind of thing. I can say for sure that Jen helps me out by keeping me on my feet and pretty much saying what we have to do. She’s a Capricorn. I’m a Leo. She takes things really seriously in a good way. I overslept recently and I had Jennifer to wake me up. Ever since that day I wake up in panic now. It was the worst feeling ever. Even when we were kids too I’d get in trouble or feel like I was in trouble and Jen would somehow help me out.

I just remember this one time I had library books due when we were younger, and I was terrified of my parents. I owed like 70 dollars to the library and was scared my mom was going to find out. So I told Jen, and she calls the library for me and was so adult about it. I think we were seven. She figured it out, but I eventually had to tell my mom. She just made me not as scared. I’m growing up, I can’t rely on my sister like that forever. But right now, I’m so thankful to have her.

JENNIFER: I'm also thankful for Starbucks having oatmeal in the morning. It’s really hard to stay healthy on the road.

JESSIE: Yea, I’m thankful that I had food stamps this tour. I don’t know why but for some reason being on the road, I just want to be so healthy, and I could go to the grocery store and just eat just like raw broccoli and, like hummus. I’m thankful for Whole Foods.

What I’m Thankful For: Bleached