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Video: Kherk Cobain, “Adventures of the Unicorn”

December 09, 2011

Back at the beginning of the summer, Andrew Noz posted a link to 151 Feva Gang's Stardust-sampling "Kush Groove," a summer jam with an irrepressibly fun video that not only introduced rappers Dapper Don and Kherk Cobain, but made them seem like the kind of guys everyone wants to party with. It also felt like it could easily be a one-off; who couldn't hit with irreverent party raps over that sample?

But it looks like the gang knew what they were doing. "Adventures of the Unicorn" is a video megamix in the style of disco medley records, remade for the YouTube generation. It more than delivers on the promise of the "Kush Groove" video. Kherk and Don spit over classic club beats while playing mini golf, partying at the hotel and in a pink convertible, visiting Occupy Wall Street and even dancing to T2's "Heartbroken" while riding in a giant stretch hummer. The music is great, but the way it conveys a lifestyle is even better; I'm primarily writing about this in the hopes that I get to party with them next time I'm in Jersey.

Posted: December 09, 2011
Video: Kherk Cobain, “Adventures of the Unicorn”