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Video: Danny Brown, “Monopoly”

December 12, 2011

The look of Danny Brown’s new video for "Monopoly" is appropriately fuzzy, like you're watching it on a really old TV that you need to readjust the antennas for. Brown is so quick and his lyrics are so devastating, you also might want to readjust your brain just to process half of what he's saying. This is just one of many tracks on XXX that are of the Brown brain trust, and we're happy for a mind so rare. As he said in his interview for the video, "Guys in my neighborhood don’t listen to my music. They don’t have computers. They’re not on the internet like that, you know? To them it’s just Rick Ross and whatever goes on the radio. I feel like a ninja or something, because I can still be on my porch drinking 40s. I’m still Daniel."

(via RollingStone)

Posted: December 12, 2011
Video: Danny Brown, “Monopoly”