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Stickup Kiddz, “New Shit” MP3

January 03, 2012

Stickup Kiddz are an Oakland duo with acrobatic chemistry and a steadily growing discography of quality anthems. In 2010, the duo released 4th Quarter, and continued to release great songs throughout 2011. Today marked the release of their newest mixtape, and alongside bangers like "Turn Me Up" and "We Can Do", a low-key ambient love song, is "New Shit," a mid-tempo bottle of Stickup Kiddz lightning. The group's energy level always seems at to be at 300%, excitement held in check by solid songwriting and great production. It's the kind of enthusiasm that will have you second-guessing other rappers who, in contrast, seem to go through the motions.

Download: Stickup Kiddz, "New Shit"

Posted: January 03, 2012
Stickup Kiddz, “New Shit” MP3