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Time Wharp, “yrLyf” MP3

January 05, 2012

On a tiny laptop you can feel every synthy bounce of Time Wharp’s "yrLyf" like bubbles popping under the keyboard, or like the choir is voiced by a little clam sitting on the hard drive and burping. Then there's an R. Kelly "Real Talk" sample and a sitar, and you start imaging them in there computer too, lounging on RAM and, honestly, probably it's the most delightful computer-internals fantasy you can have. The full-sized song art is a massive 2,000 by 2,000 pixels, perfect for slow-scroll daydreaming and miniature R. Kelly imagining. Everything stacked here is absolutely serene. Time Wharp's BLK EP comes out January 23rd on Astro Nautico.

Download: Time Wharp, "yrLyf"

Posted: January 05, 2012
Time Wharp, “yrLyf” MP3