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A-Mafia f. Hell Rell, “Body Bag” MP3

January 13, 2012

There is not a rapper today who better captures the spirit of classic Dipset than Harlemite A-Mafia. The stupid-hard lyrics and operatic samples (courtesy producer Rich Lou) on "Body Bag" are a perfect example. A-Mafia's a versatile rapper, too—from "Shine On," which sounds like the kind of classic NY mixtape beat that would have been smothered in DJ Clue drops back in 1999, to "2050," where he sounds as not-New York as bootleg Yankees caps over Luger-esque production, to his flip of Kool G Rap's "Road to the Riches," he comes across as one of New York rap's most energized entities.

Download:A-Mafia f. Hell Rell, "Body Bag" (Prod. by Rich Lou)

Posted: January 13, 2012
A-Mafia f. Hell Rell, “Body Bag” MP3