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Lana Del Rey Loves Flatbush Zombies

January 13, 2012

Lana Del Rey, the potty-mouthed downer pop princess seemingly hellbent on, "simultaneously demanding and demeaning our attention," says she loves Brooklyn and Harlem rap. In an interview with MTV, the chilly singer asked,

Oh, do you know this band called Flatbush Zombies? ...Me and my friend had this marathon the other night and he showed me that, I was just like… It’s just really weird—Flatbush Zombies, ASAP Rocky, Azealia Banks, it’s something glossy, some of it’s weed rap but it’s all do-it-yourself videos. It’s really great!

What the fuck? Right on?! Flatbush Zombies’ new video, for remarkably titled "Thug Waffle," is dark, stoned and great. Watch it here now, and see Del Rey play her television debut on SNL this Saturday night, January 14th on NBC.

Lana Del Rey Loves Flatbush Zombies