Beyonce Has Not Done Any Press Since Giving Birth

January 18, 2012

A rep for Beyonce has told Access Hollywood that B's post-pregnancy interview in UK tabloid Star Magazine is "completely made up." An editor at the magazine responded:

“It is not made up or fictitious at all. We bought the interview from a reporter in the US who conducted the interview with Beyonce before the birth. The reporter then obtained the ‘top-up’ info after the birth, which we believe to have been signed off by a girl on [Beyonce's] team.”

When the interview excerpts were posted on Star's website yesterday (they have since been taken down), the mag claimed the conversation was conducted after Blue Ivy was born, not before. According to The Daily News, Beyonce's first encounter with the public will at the grand re-opening of Jay's 40-40 Club.

While they've been bonding at home, Beyonce and her daughter, Blue Ivy, have both been esteemed in unusual ways. Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae, a fly with a large, golden-haired backside, was named by Bryan Lessard, a 24-year-old researcher at Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. The bug had been in a collection since 1981 (the year Beyonce was born) and according to Lessard, was given the name because it is "pretty bootylicious." On the lower-brow end of the scale, it's been reported that weed dispensaries around Hollywood are now selling a new strain of pot called OG Blue Ivy.

Beyonce Has Not Done Any Press Since Giving Birth