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Art Show: Matt Sims

January 20, 2012

For our series Art Show, FADER heads to the current gallery show of an artist and has them show us around. In this edition, we spoke with Matt Sims.

You know when you're on a roller coaster going super fast and then it just stops unexpectedly and it feels really weird and for a second you think that maybe time just froze? This way that we perceive time and space is what Berlin-based visual artist and musician Matt Sims is exploring in his show The Space In-Between, up now until February 26th at Envoy Enterprises in NYC. Matt creates all kinds of music as CEL (formerly Mt. Sims) and has collaborated with Planningtorock and The Knife to create music for the 2010 opera Tomorrow, In A Year.  In this show, comprised mostly of video pieces, Sims combines audio and video to play around with the idea of space and time and discover how both would affect one's identity. The audio of the piece "On Your Mark, Get Ready, Get Set, On Your Mark," plays in conjunction with a film of people running hurdles, slowed and layered. The exhibit is pretty cool and very relaxing, its own sort of superimposed reality. We got a tour of the show and talked to Sims about the super heavy concept behind it.

Posted: January 20, 2012
Art Show: Matt Sims