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FADER Mix: Planningtorock

In our GEN F profile of Planningtorock, back in 2011, the Berlin-based solo project’s Jam Rostron said, “Some music feels almost like a one-night stand. You love it instantly, then you never listen to it … read more »

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Video: Planningtorock, “Misxgyny Drxp Dead”

The music of Janine Rostron, bka Planningtorock, has always felt like a more traditional take on The Knife’s haunting, brittle sonics, but her new single “Misxgyny Drxp Dead” definitely falls into a weirder category, blending … read more »

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Stream: New Build, “Misery Loves Company” 12-inch Preview

Hot Chip’s Felix Martin and Al Doyle continue their long stretch of electronic music collaboration with their latest, New Build. Their first release, downtempo disco 12-inch “Misery Loves Company” is slated for release on November … read more »

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Video: Planningtorock, “Living it Out”

The wildest shit about this video is how it nails every vibe—both real and imagined—about Planningtorock. Firstly, she hangs out with The Knife and for all we know those guys spend weeks putting a single … read more »

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Creep, “You” (Planningtorock Remix) MP3

Whoa, we were in no way expecting this to head in a dubbed-out direction. We were, however, expecting the vocals to be completely messed with. They’re pitched up and pitched down and the whole thing … read more »

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Stream: Planningtorock’s new album, W

We interviewed Janine Rostron, aka Planningtorock, in FADER #73. She told us about the process of making her second album (which you can stream in its entirety below) and her interest in exploring ideas of … read more »

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Gen F: Planningtorock

In Planningtorock’s video for “Doorway,” Janine Rostron appears on either side of a split screen, her hair blown in slow motion by some unseen wind. The audio and visual aren’t synched so the synth-heavy orchestral … read more »

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The FADER Issue #73 Podcast

This was a BIG issue for us. But it featured plenty of artists beyond Brooklyn’s finest—rising stars like Waka Flocka’s Brick Squad Monopoly, Danny Brown, Fred the Godson and Angel Haze that reflect facets of … read more »

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Grab FADER #73 Digitally from Zinio Right Now

FADER #73 features personal accounts from the intern present during Big’s first meeting with Tupac. Diddy talks about life after Big and there’s a photo essay surveying how the most important landscapes in Biggie’s life—his … read more »

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Doris Kearns Goodwin always seemed totally nuts to me. What kind of insane person wants to fully know the lives of multiple presidents? But again and again she writes encompassing tomes on various leaders of … read more »

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