Download Maxmillion Dunbar’s Bout It Mix

January 24, 2012

Featured in our current story on electronic labels, Maxmillion Dunbar (on the right) is one half of Future Times, the DC label with a tight niche of deep grooves. He's just put up a new mix, Bout It, with the tagline, "being Bout It means you're down to do whatever." He seems to be in full Hakim Bey mode, with the artwork for the mix the cover of Bey's book T.A.Z.. He also put up another new song, "Orgy of the Hemp Eaters," taking its name from another Bey book. Download the mix and stream "Orgy" below.

Download: Maxmillion Dunbar's Bout It mix

Stream: Maxmillion Dunbar, "Orgy of the Hemp Eaters"

Posted: January 24, 2012
Download Maxmillion Dunbar’s Bout It Mix