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Magno, “Chill With You” MP3

February 01, 2012

Back in the era of Houston's hip hop takeover, one of the best tracks from Swishahouse's now-classic The Day Hell Broke Loose 2 was a Magno and Killa Kyleon collaboration entitled "Magno and Killa." It helped introduce the rest of the world to one of the more distinctive voices from the Swishahouse camp, over one of the tape's best beats. Well before a '90s revival reintroduced the world to constant Saved by the Bell references Mango rapped, Gettin crunk whenever they see paper / can't believe my wallet's more swole than A.C. Slater/ and yours is low like Screech, I got four white freaks/ In a black Taurus, I'm the black Zach Morris. Now, amidst a resurging interest in Houston's syrup-drenched output, Magno returns with a new tape entitled Greens Point of No Return. One of its best tracks is "Chill With You," its minimal, bass-driven production a great pair for Magno's clever, low-key style.

Download: Magno, "Chill With You"

Posted: February 01, 2012
Magno, “Chill With You” MP3