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Video: Dustin Wong, “Pink Diamond”

February 08, 2012

You probably have at least one friend with a collection of black light posters, who is always on psychedelics and is always trying to show you trippy YouTube videos. To avoid watching randomly flashing lights and dubbed versions of SpongeBob, offer that friend the video for “Pink Diamond” by Dustin Wong next time he takes over your computer. It has all the geometrically patterned visuals, but with the music to back it up, as well. Wong makes intricately layered guitar music that is as hypnotic as it is beautiful. Also, check out his “Say Your Dream, Create a Sound” project where he will be releasing music based on listener submitted dream stories.

Download: Dustin Wong, "Pink Diamond"

Posted: February 08, 2012
Video: Dustin Wong, “Pink Diamond”