Chris Brown to Collaborate with Rihanna

February 17, 2012

Chris Brown will appear on a remix of Rihanna's "Birthday Cake." Earlier this week, the track's producers Da Internz told MTV that "the feature on [the remix] is gonna shock the world." The song is expected to be released this week. According to Miss Info, two independent sources confirm that Chris Brown recorded two verses for the track. Chris Brown arrived with Rihanna at her post-Grammys birthday celebration, where guests ate a cake modeled in the shape of a spliff.

Brown's performances at last Sunday's Grammys, three years after he assaulted former girlfriend Rihanna, were debated heavily online. The appearances were maligned by some musicians and critics, while fans referenced the abuse as a sign of support for Brown on Twitter. On Sunday night, Brown responded to critics in a rant on Twitter that has since been deleted, saying, "HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That's the ultimate F**K OFF!"

Brown currently remains under the supervision of a probation officer, part of the sentence he received after pleading guilty to one count of felony assault in 2009.

Update, 12/17/2012: Rihanna is allegedly under pressure to shelf the Brown-featuring "Birthday Cake" remix, possibly recorded without her label's consent. On Friday afternoon, both Rihanna and Brown tweeted statements brushing off critics of their reunion:

Chris Brown to Collaborate with Rihanna