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Download King Louie’s Motion Picture Mixtape

March 26, 2012

King Louie’s last full-length tape was 2011's Hardbody. Since that time, he's released a few best-of compilations, and his promised Dope & Shrimp album, completed last fall, has been pushed back by his local Chicago label. A few of the tracks that were slated to for release on that record (now scheduled to drop in the summer) appear on Motion Picture instead. Download the tape, which compiles freestyles, new tracks and some songs that were previously released only as YouTubes, below. Of particular note is Louie's guest verse on Tugun Canon's "Get Paid," where he raps: Couple zeros and a hot verse/ Got stupid bands in my man-purse.

Download: King Louie, Motion Picture

Posted: March 26, 2012
Download King Louie’s Motion Picture Mixtape