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Stream: Volunteers Park, “Recover”

March 26, 2012

Aviram Cohen of Silk Flowers and Soiled Mattress and the Springs is back with three songs for a new project he's calling Volunteers Park. It's an odd little grouping since each song sounds completely different, but being a chameleon is one of Cohen's strong suits, morphing from free jazz in Soiled Mattress to cold electronics in Silk Flowers. With Volunteers Park, he's come to a fork in the road and sent parts of himself down both paths—track one is elemental, black and glass-shattering like a horror movie soundtrack, track three is a cute, a nice Casio ditty about a dentist's daughter, and track two, streaming below, is somewhere in between, a compromise between light and dark. Cohen must have a madhouse of bleeps and bloops playing pong in his head—a multiple-aesthetic-personality-disorder—but whatever's going on is working. He doesn't sound spread thin, just happily scattered.

Stream: Volunteers Park, "Recover"

Posted: March 26, 2012
Stream: Volunteers Park, “Recover”