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NhT Boyz, “Late Night Lovin” MP3

March 29, 2012

Oakland group NhT Boyz' incredible 2010 tape Power Triangle was a nonstop onslaught of deft, punchline-heavy verses. It found the group referencing older eras without getting bogged down in reverential old-school worship, or sacrificing entertainment value. NhT Boyz finally released a follow-up tape, Yangland, this week. It might not reach the heights of Power Triangle, but it definitely stands on its own. "Late Night Lovin," features an almost Hot Boys-esque chorus and suave production by Joe Wax.

Download: NhT Boyz, "Late Night Lovin'"

Posted: March 29, 2012
NhT Boyz, “Late Night Lovin” MP3