The Things I Carry: Jim-E Stack

April 05, 2012

We always like to know what some of our favorite artists carry in their purses (and man-purses)—the essential items that they need for touring or subway rides, the Grammys or any other thing that they might be doing these days, which is why we've made it a regular column on the site. Today, we check out what Jim-E Stack has in his backpack.

I usually roll around with my DJ CDs and headphones, an extra black tee because I spill some shit on myself daily, Emergen-C, a Swisher to smoke to the face so I can get a head-rush then feel nauseous and have to lie down, some OE, a picture of my girl and a recent issue of Time so I feel like I'm bettering myself even though I never read it.

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The Things I Carry
The Things I Carry: Jim-E Stack