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Hear “Climax” Remixes from Flosstradamus, Diplo and XXYYXX

April 19, 2012

We're just starting to place bets around the office on early contenders for the "Song of the Summer", and Usher’s "Climax" feels like a lock, if not for the gold, than at least the silver or bronze. A proliferation of remixes is usually a good sign that a song is making its way through pop culture, and today we find two brand new re-workings. First up is XXYYXX’s redo, a mysterious dude who strips "Climax" down to whispers and clicks and clacks, latching on to the songs original simplicity and pulling the space between notes so wide open that you're left with just a shadow. Next up is the song's original producer and our favorite musical hypeman Diplo paired with trance-y duo Flosstradamus—this remix wins by not doing much at all, realizing just how brilliant the song is from the get-go, preserving the vocal almost entirely and just adding a more pounding instrumental under to make it right for the clubs. Take a listen to both, and, if we're right about our summer predictions, expect many more to come.

Download: Usher "Climax (XXYYXX Rework)"

Stream: Usher, "Climax (Flosstradamus + Diplo Remix)"

Hear “Climax” Remixes from Flosstradamus, Diplo and XXYYXX