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Hear Two New Animal Collective Songs, “Honeycomb” and “Gotham”

May 07, 2012

It's always felt kinda ridiculous incorporating Animal Collective into the daily blog news cycle. Like, sure, "My Girls" was instantly and obviously a hit, but what about "Fireworks?" Where were you when you realized that was secretly the best, saddest, happiest, most touching Animal Collective song to ever exist? It probably didn't happen the second you heard it while you were sitting at your computer doing work (although if it did, that's cool too). Here, we've got two new songs, "Honeycomb" and "Gotham." Each sits on the opposite end of the Animal Collective Spectrum (which we are praying will become a real, interactive museum exhibit someday even though we just thought of it right now). "Honeycomb" sounds like it came from their warped circus music phase, but it also feels more cohesive and huge, like now that the band has found a way to incorporate pop tendencies, they're not gonna let go. But then! "Gotham" feels like Campfire Songs-era AC got it together enough to turn that appealing porch noodling into what amounts to a highlight reel of everything that made us like the band in the first place. You can get the songs digitally now, or hold out for the physical 7-inch, which will be out June 26th on Domino.

Update 5/14/2012: Animal Collective will release a new album in September of this year on Domino, called Centipede Hz. Watch a video announcing the album from Animal Collective's website and see the tracklist, released this morning, below.

Centipede Hz:
01 Moonjock
02 Today's Supernatural
03 Rosie Oh
04 Applesauce
05 Wide Eyed
06 Father Time
07 New Town Burnout
08 Monkey Riches
09 Mercury Man
10 Pulleys
11 Amanita

Hear Two New Animal Collective Songs, “Honeycomb” and “Gotham”