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Stream: King Louie, “PiDD”

May 08, 2012

Videographer DGainz, best known for his work with Chief Keef, says King Louie's "Gumbo Mobsters" was the video that initially ignited Chicago's wider interest in his work. But considering Louie's involvement in the early stages of the city's online surge, he's been fairly quiet in the time since. His Motion Picture mixtape was primarily a compilation of loosies, freestyles and collaborations. But Cryptonite-produced "PiDD," a song based upon Chicago slang for "period" (try saying it without enunciating) is, alongside his incredible "Bars" single, one of his best lyrical exercises in recent memory, and proof that Chicago's new wave has a wide range of stylistic approaches.

Stream: King Louie, "PiDD"

Posted: May 08, 2012
Stream: King Louie, “PiDD”