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d’Eon, “Al-Qiyamah” MP3

May 11, 2012

The first single from d'Eon’s new album LP is actually the epic closer, and judging from the sound, it will close out what promises to be a deep, electro-meditation on life and spiritual existence swaddled in high-heavenly production and a life-affirming beat. Named for the 75th Sura of the Qur'an, "Al-Qiyamah" has to do, literally, with resurrection, and it's blending of Christian and Muslim references (d'Eon mentions talking to Gabriel, the archangel known for spreading the word of the immaculate conception, a decidedly New Testament figure who is also pictured in LP’s Annunciation album art) offers a sort of pantheistic worldview that will raise even the die-hard agnostic into the proverbial firmament (or at least provide some ecstasy on the dance floor). Rock has traditionally been the pop form of choice for successfully blurring the line between Eros and Agape, but d'Eon is among the few electronic producers who've successfully ventured in that lineage of rapturous spiritual music you can enjoy regardless of musical (or spiritual!) creed. LP is out June 5th on Hippos In Tanks.

Download: d'Eon, "Al-Qiyamah"

Posted: May 11, 2012
d’Eon, “Al-Qiyamah” MP3