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Video: Kallisti, “Arc of Fire”

FADER PREMIERE Last we heard from d’Eon, he was dropping SoundCloud-only installments of his ongoing, instrumental Music For Keyboards series, which he started as a platform for creating music “as far-removed as possible from the … read more »

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Stream Volume IV of d’Eon’s Music For Keyboards Series

For the past year or so, alongside the more pop-oriented material he’s known for, Montreal artist d’Eon has been hard at work on a SoundCloud-only series of instrumental tunes called Music For Keyboards. The second … read more »

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Download d’Eon’s Music For Keyboards Volume III

It’s no real surprise to anyone that we’re in the midst, maybe even on the other side of, a nostalgia loop that encapsulates early-’90s computer games even as it sucks in rave culture and drum … read more »

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What We’re Reading: d’Eon

Tired of reading the same recommended books from the usual sources? Just think of our weekly What We’re Reading column as your non-committal book club with The FADER and some of your favorite bands. For … read more »

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d’Eon, “Transparency Pt. II” MP3

R&B experimentalist d’Eon’s “Transparency Pt. II” has the same basic chord structure as the original “Transparency” from last year’s split Darkbloom LP with Grimes. Here, though, his soulful ooh girl vocals and digital keyboard arrangements … read more »

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d’Eon, “Al-Qiyamah” MP3

The first single from d’Eon’s new album LP is actually the epic closer, and judging from the sound, it will close out what promises to be a deep, electro-meditation on life and spiritual existence swaddled … read more »

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CFCF’s Night Bus II Mix MP3

I understand the sentiment of the Night Bus genre and agree that it’s generally well named; it evokes a certain sort of feeling—long pans of America’s darkened interstate, headlights refracting off the window, alone among … read more »

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Sam’s Pop Montreal Diary: Part 2

At the top of an old building near downtown, there were occasional Pop Montreal hosted panels. Because I missed Grimes due to hanging out with all of Canada at the Arcade Fire show, I made … read more »

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d’Eon f. Marie Jane, “Kiss Me (Cassie Cover)” MP3

d’Eon and Marie Jane’s droopy-eyed cover of Cassie’s “Kiss Me” really drives home the you intoxicate me lyric. Bathed in d’Eon’s slow synth-wash, Jane’s calls of kiss me beckon almost sinisterly—like maybe touching bodies isn’t … read more »

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Video: Grimes, “Crystal Ball”

Claire Boucher aka Grimes split EP with fellow druid D’eon is appropriately called Darkbloom, and it appears that they live in a wintry place and probably feast on large cuts of reindeer and drink mead … read more »

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