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Video: Charles Sweeting f. C-Mal, “La La Land”

May 21, 2012

Florida's jook scene, an outgrowth of Miami bass music that received its widest success with Grind Mode's "I'm So High", continues to flourish creatively, despite minimal outside attention. Although the title of Miami-based jook performer Charles Sweeting's "La La Land" references Green Velvet's ode to pill-popping (or maybe it's a reference to Demi Lovato?), musically, the song is in its own world, a swirling, lush anthem that manages the delicate balance between soft-textured euphoria and tough, dancefloor-ready grooves. The video throws in fun with paint, headphone product placement and nerf guns, a nicely nonsensical setting for the song's dreamy insistence.

(via Black Beans)

Posted: May 21, 2012
Video: Charles Sweeting f. C-Mal, “La La Land”