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July 31, 2012

We've admired the Disclosure brothers' smooth productions for a while now, from their already-polished 2010 debut on Moshi Moshi, when Guy was 19 and Howard was 16, to their crisp new The Face EP, on Greco-Roman. This fall, they'll make their North American debut, with shows in New York, California and in between. Below, download their FADER mix, with an exclusive remix of their single "Whats In Your Head" and tracks from ’90s UK garage legend Jeremy Sylvester, then read an interview with both brothers about watersports, video games and fighting over food. Beneath it are tour dates and a tracklist.

Download: Disclosure's FADER Mix

You still live with your parents. Any plans for that to change? GUY: I don’t think so. Howard just turned 18, so we’re not ready to move out. Our studio is a two minutes drive from here, and we live right next to Gatwick Airport. It’s quite useful, really, so we would actually have to move to a worse place.

Were you always friend-brothers? HOWARD: We were pretty normal, I think. We didn’t fight that much. We just argue about food. Growing up, we did quite different things. I was into windsurfing and watersports, whereas Guy was into parkour and gymnastics. There’s a lake down the road from our house. But we weren’t serious about it at any point. GUY: Yeah, haven’t done that for a long time.

Is where you live quite suburban? GUY: Yeah, it takes like 25 minutes to get into London, and it only takes us like 45 minutes to get to the beach in Brighton. There’s lots of really good clubs in Brighton. I went out there loads in my teen years with all my friends. That’s where we started going to clubs and listening to proper good music.

Did Howard ever come along? GUY: No, because he was like fourteen. HOWARD: I had never been to a club without playing it until this year. GUY: I think he’s only been out to like two clubs without working it.

What do you do all day? GUY: Not a lot apart from music. It’s quite bad. Used to be quite fit and healthy, but I’m definitely not that anymore. We have a boat down at the lake, and I want to start going out on that more, but we don’t have time to do anything right now. HOWARD: We just write and go to gigs. GUY: We’re writing an album, so that just takes up all your time. If its not taking up all your time, you’re not going to write a very good album. Honestly the only thing I’ve been doing in my spare time has been playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and that’s it.

Do you take turns, or is that your personal activity? GUY: Yeah, that’s personal. No one’s touching that.

And what about you Howard? How do you unwind? HOWARD: Similar way actually. I play Lord of the Rings: Return of the King on Xbox. GUY: You’ve literally caught us like two weeks after we’ve gotten really into gaming. I’ve never had a gaming console. HOWARD: It’s a very recent thing. GUY: I have been very deprived of gaming. But I think now we’re on planes quite a lot, and sitting around in airports doing nothing, so I just had to get the old Vice City out.

So about the music… Moshi Moshi released the first two songs you produced together. How did you get it into the right hands? How did you know it was good? HOWARD: We didn’t know it was good. We just put it on Myspace for a laugh, and we got this massive reaction from managers and labels all being like, What’s this? We didn’t believe any of them. When we got a call from some management agency or whatever, we had to call them and be like, Are you real? Is this a real agency? It was a bit weird. GUY: It was during the last few months when it was alright to do stuff on Myspace, I think, and we deleted it pretty quickly after that.

Who draws the faces? HOWARD: The original face was drawn by a friend of our manager. We just saw it on Facebook and asked if we could use it for our first artwork, and we have used it since for everything. GUY: We’ve changed it around a bit. We keep doing little alterations of it, and I’m the one that keeps posting onto different pictures all our SoundCloud artworks. It’s just really easy and it’s more of a logo than artwork now. People see the face and know who it is.

Pimp Jackson Is Talkin' Now - Loco Dice
An Afternoons Delight - Marcellus Pittman
Want Someone - Eats Everything
Not a Perfect Love - Jeremy Sylvester
Life Goes On (NY Stomp Remix) - Nicholas
We Gehts - Fantastic Man
Holding On - DJ Steaw
My Intention Is War (fig II) - Disclosure
Untitled - ?
Beat Of The Drum - Happa
Whats In Your Head VIP - Disclosure
So High - Shadow Child
Love Like This (Lorca Refix) - Faith Evans vs Nuyorican Soul

Tour Dates:
10/24 - Glasslands - Brooklyn, NY
10/25 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY
10/26 - Wrongbar - Toronto, ON
10/28 - Schuba's - Chicago, IL
10/29 - Lorimer Lounge - Denver, CO
10/30 - The Independent - San Francisco, CA
10/31 - El Rey - Los Angeles, CA

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Download Disclosure’s FADER Mix