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Kitty Pryde, “Hittin Lix” MP3

August 01, 2012

Toronto producer Bad Channels’ beat on "Hittin Lix," the first single off the young Florida rapper Kitty Pryde’s forthcoming debut LP, is decompression after decompression, with shushed cymbals and Kitty's voice lulling. It's the definition of casual, not so much a summer chill out song as one for huddling under covers on the coldest day ever. The currently untitled album is planned for release in December. Till then, download "Hittin Lix" and her last EP, Haha, I'm Sorry, and check out this cute high school-themed mix she made for The A.V. Club, with teen angsty picks like Elliott Smith and WHY?.

Download: Kitty Pryde, "Hittin Lix" (via Complex)

Kitty Pryde, “Hittin Lix” MP3