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Daily Inspiration: Pac Man, “My Dreads” MP3

August 17, 2012

Until he was killed in 2010, Pac Man had been one of Chicago's biggest underground artists, creating his own movement as well as collaborating with LEP Bogus Boys. The rapper has been widely credited on Chicago's East Side with coining the scene-defining term "drill," and also popularized a dance called "Dro Style,” which has also become known as the "Money Dance"—named for another resident from Woodlawn who had been killed a few years previous. Revisiting it, Pac's anthem "My Dreads" could still serve as a drill anthem today, or at least an anthem for the scene's preferred hair style.

Download: Pac Man, "My Dreads"

Posted: August 17, 2012
Daily Inspiration: Pac Man, “My Dreads” MP3