Six Sweatpants for Chilling Around the House

November 02, 2012

With Hurricane Sandy keeping many of us stuck indoors for long stretches, the importance of proper lounge gear has become paramount. How happy can you be without wearing the proper fleece sweats for a fast roll to the bodega for pretzel crisps and cookies? We rounded up a few of our favorites, including adidas Jeremy Scott Hawaiian sweatpants, above, that'll keep you feeling sunshine heat even when it's 32 degrees.

Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen casual sweatpant

Number:Lab Thermal Drawstring Pant with Cuff

Nike Brushed Fleece Cuffed Pant

Damir Doma Drop Crotch Pleco Trousers

Champion Reverse Weave Closed-Bottom

Six Sweatpants for Chilling Around the House