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Traxman, “Shake Dat Azz” MP3

November 15, 2012

Speaking on behalf of the feminine gender, I'll admit that it wouldn't be all that awesome to be hanging on the dance floor with a man's voice screaming "shake that ass bitch" into my ear over and over again. It'd be like somebody who didn't know me was calling me a bad person, and then expecting me to adhere to his request that I move for his visual pleasure. But on "Shake Dat Azz," the lead single from his upcoming Return of the Westside Boogie EP, Chicago footwork bigwig Traxman riffs so hard and dementedly on that very phrase that its meaning becomes all but abstracted, and not moving feels like the crueler option. The record, which arrives on the heels of this year's excellent Mind of The Traxman album, and also another EP, drops November 19th via Parisian imprint Booty Call Records.

Download: Traxman, "Shake Dat Azz"

Posted: November 15, 2012
Traxman, “Shake Dat Azz” MP3