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Stream: Nosaj Thing, “Snap”

December 04, 2012

Past Nosaj Thing singles have been weighty pieces of sculpted bass, but "Snap," from his upcoming album Home on Innovative Leisure (out in January) is more about drift and lightness. That heavy bass pulse is still there, but it's buried under synth pings and stuttered drums to the point that it's almost as if he's writing a song to be listened to on the way to the beach. The key there, though, is "almost," there's still a ghostly aura surrounding the track, a distant choir of voices that exists on its soft edges that makes it more appropriate for nighttime listening.

Stream: Nosaj Thing, "Snap"

12/14 - Austin, TX @ Beauty Bar,
12/31 - Montreal, QC @ Fonderie Darling

Stream: Nosaj Thing, “Snap”