Video: Ryan Hemsworth, “Colour & Movement”

January 03, 2013

Update 1/3/2012: Stereogum points out that the "Colour & Movement" video uses footage which already appeared in a since-deleted, fan-made video for the Black Keys' "Sister." Over email, Hemsworth explained how the footage and "Colour & Movement" came together:

[Director Yoni Lappin] had footage that was denied for that Black Keys video. Their video was apparently never green-lighted but someone in the camp posted it. So that's how it got out, before being removed I guess. It doesn't exist online now. Yoni took his footage and made a different video out of it for "Colour & Movement." Was hoping this wouldn't cause any confusion, it's all Yoni's original footage.


Ryan Hemsworth trades the daydreaming animation of past visuals for a group of dewy, glaring girls who look like they've cast themselves in a Rookie photo spread. London's Yoni Lappin, whose speciality seems to be after-school hangouts, directs. The video's stars are as openly mushy and yawningly resigned as the track, taken from August's Last Words EP, which you can stream here. Hemsworth released a new song, "Basedworld," this New Year's Eve. Stream that below and see what book he's been toting on planes for the last couple of weeks in his recent edition of The Things I Carry.

Stream: Ryan Hemsworth, "Basedworld"

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Video: Ryan Hemsworth, “Colour & Movement”