Video: Kitty Pryde, “Dead Island” + D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP

January 07, 2013

While it was going down last year, the online backlash to Kitty Pryde's "Okay Cupid" video (and to her identity in general) seemed like it would drown out her future chances in music—those of a young, soft-voiced white female rapper for whom fragility was a core principle. Thankfully, that's not been the case. Having steeled herself on Tumblr—see, for example, this recent post on fighting anorexia, and its follow-up, minutes later: "i feel like a warrior for little girls right now!!!!!!!"—Kitty has now released "☠DEAD❤ISLAND☠," the first cut from her forthcoming D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP. She sounds grown-up, stronger but still with soft spots: Bitch, draw your eyebrows on then talk to me/ You don't know why I get blogged. This is the most exciting beat she's rapped over and, against all odds, a pretty great sign for things to come.

Kitty on the song's producer:

Update 1/31/13: The EP is now available for download, after premiering on Rolling Stone, though nothing else quite reaches the ecstasy of "Dead Island." On Bandcamp, Kitty added, "told u i could FREAKING rap."

Video: Kitty Pryde, “Dead Island” + D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP