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Stream: Dean Blunt, “Papi”

January 30, 2013

According to Hippos In Tanks, Dean Blunt's forthcoming The Redeemer LP is a continuation of the extended musical love letter he began with last year's The Narcissist II, which "may or may not be perceived as" being written to Hype Williams bandmate and ex-girlfriend Inge Copeland. "Papi," the first single, sees the London romantic freaking out of the ups and downs of their relationship with what feels like greater forcefulness, clearing some of his music's signature tape hiss to make way for some jazz piano and impressionistic strings. Combined with his wistful baritone, this distinctly loungier backdrop kind of brings me back to the time when I first heard Tindersticks' Curtains, and thought about the melancholy, ultra-decadent idea of getting up on stage at a hotel bar at closing and singing a whiskey-fueled ode to the one who got away. The Redeemer is out May 1st via Hippos In Tanks and Blunt's own World Music Group imprint.

Stream: Dean Blunt, "Papi"

Posted: January 30, 2013
Stream: Dean Blunt, “Papi”