Video: Future Shuttle, “Feathermaster”

January 30, 2013

Brooklyn quartet Future Shuttle pull out the big visual guns for "Feathermaster," with this surreal, upstate music video featuring a Twin Peaks-font title screen, one of those lamps built inside a hunk of pink salt and some eerie full-house hot-boxing. Typing it out like that makes it sound kind of trivial, but it's bizarre and pretty and very fascinating. Kyle McKeveny directed the video, and below, we've got a still of each band member, photographed by Wei Jen Chen. Future Shuttle's In To It LP comes out February 12th on New Images Ltd., the label of Matt Mondanile bka Ducktails, who coincidentally just released an album himself.

Lizzie Harper

Linnea Vedder

Camilla Padgitt-Coles

Jessa Farkas

Video: Future Shuttle, “Feathermaster”