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Boredoms’ Shinji Masuko Remixes Zs

February 01, 2013

Last time we heard from Brooklyn improv-rock collective Zs, they were high-tailing it to Japan for the first iteration of their traveling remix installation. For the project, they invited a heard of musicians into a room to remix selections from their SCORE retrospective in real time, and then upload the edits to an expanding aggregate of source material. The Tokyo installation was co-curated by Dutty Artz and featured the likes of Dustin Wong and Shinji Masuko of Boredoms and DMBQ, whose contribution to the piece, streaming below, sounds a lot more like bloopy free jazz than an electronic remix in the traditional sense. This Sunday, February 3rd, the band is going in for round two at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, as part of the Kaufman Music Center's weekend-long Ecstatic Music Festival.

Zs, "Score Remix 1 (by Shinji Masuko)"

Posted: February 01, 2013
Boredoms’ Shinji Masuko Remixes Zs